Dissertation Interim Report

On the other hand, computational-based projects (like mine) are more flexible as you can perform them in your own time either at home or in school (if you need the school’s computer).Together with procrastination, he only started his report 1 week before submission. As such, I would advise you to only take this module if you have good self-discipline and either: You may have certain fears and hesitations about taking FYP, such as what should you do if you can’t get good results, how much time would it take etc.Right off the bat, I’ll tell you this: You’ll spend A LOT of time on this because after all it’s 7MCs for the research part.You may even need to come back on weekends or during the holidays almost daily, especially when the deadline is approaching.It will also be rather depressing if you can’t get good results / replicate your results.Although it depends on your professor/mentor, I feel that in general, there isn’t that much pressure to get stellar results as an undergraduate as compared to a Master/Ph D.Dr Chiu Min-Sen (my prof) was telling me that if it works, great.Dr Chiu is really helpful as he gave his FYP students a good overview of what we were to expect for his FYP projects, the general direction we are to head towards and even broke down for a rough timeline for various deadlines.Do check with your FYP professor and mentor regarding what they expect for your FYP.Once you’ve chosen your project, you then undergo the grueling process to obtain your desired results for one semester**.**Though FYP is 1 year long, chem eng students will only be allowed to research from 1-2 months before the semester starts and up to 1-2 months after the semester ends, effectively ~6 months before you submit your report.


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