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This holiday is also famous for the different customs that are associated with it and even though Christmas is celebrated in all Christian countries there are differences in the way each nation commemorates this date.Christmas Traditions: One of the more famous symbols of this holiday is the Christmas tree.

They also get to meet the ‘Santa Claus’, dressed in a fluffy red and white costume, who greets them with hugs and gifts. The festival definitely teaches us to practice kindness and love toward each other and help those who have less than us.

Introduction: Christmas is the season of joy, peace, and happiness.

Consequently, lots of pagans converted to Christianity on the promise that they could still celebrate their tradition in this day.

Whether Jesus was actually born on the 25 of December is not substantiated by historical evidence.

Christmas is essentially a reminder of why we should stick to the deepest parts of our humanity.

That is, through celebration, we are reminded that we should share, give to the less privileged, spend time with loved ones and have a positive outlook about life in general.

The answers to these questions are numerous but we would mention a few. Christmas reminds us of the importance of giving and sharing with friends and family. Christmas shows the importance of joy and happiness. Through Christmas, we know that Jesus birth is the beginning of great things in the world. It is also an opportunity to correct actions we aren’t proud of in our lives. It is generally an opportunity to think about nature and the reason for our existence.

Conclusion: Whether you’re Christian or not, Christmas is an opportunity for you to put your biases and ill thought behind in the celebration of a great cause.

In the 4 century, Christians adapted the last day of Saturnalia to be the celebration of Christmas.

The aim was to get the pagans to associate this period with positive things.


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