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Property fraud is on the rise and any property owner is potentially at risk due to increasingly rapid and remote conveyancing transactions.

Property fraud is on the rise and any property owner is potentially at risk due to increasingly rapid and remote conveyancing transactions.

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This article explores what can be done if you find yourself a victim of property fraud.

The Land Registry’s move towards an online, paperless land registration system is faster and more convenient than in the past.

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Unfortunately, it also makes life easier for fraudsters who, by using a forged document, impersonating or stealing the identity of the registered property owner, may be able to acquire ownership or fraudulently sell or mortgage a property.

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Gone are the days when watermarked land certificates were required to prove a person owned a property, which had to be produced to the Land Registry on every transaction.Acceptable documents include deeds, mortgages, leases and statements of conveyance.The latter is different from a deed or lease in that it is a much simpler document, usually only one page.Whether or not a property’s title can be put back in the original owner’s name will depend on a number of factors, including whether the current registered proprietor is in possession of the property or has anything do to with the fraud.If the register cannot be altered, compensation might be available from the Land Registry through its indemnity scheme.Fortunately there is some recourse where you have been a victim of property fraud, although it is not always easy.With the right evidence, a victim may apply to the Land Registry to rectify the register to correct a mistake due to the fraud.An example may be when a developer of a new home signs a deed of assignment to a purchaser, stating that the property will be his/hers on such a given date.However, the purchaser may decide to sell the home to another person, which will also require a deed of assignment.Finally, how can we obtain title deed or is "deed of assignment" a substitute for title deed?A deed of assignment is a legal document that is used in the transfer of real estate and land property.


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