Cycles In Biology Essay Introduction

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Nitrogen fixation is the conversion of gaseous nitrogen to ammonia.

This process is carried out my nitrogen-fixing bacteria in soil and aquatic environments.

The Nitrogen Cycle is the Most Important Biogeochemical Cycle The nitrogen cycle is an important cycle to the atmosphere.

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Nitrogen is an essential part of the biological molecules such as proteins and nucleic acid, which makes nitrogen essential for all living organisms. There are five steps in the nitrogen cycle between the abiotic environment and the organisms: nitrogen fixation, nitrification, assimilation, ammonification, and dentrification.

Try it risk-free Matter is constantly cycled between living and nonliving parts of the environment.

Processes like photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation allow the carbon and nitrogen cycles to regenerate needed substances by recycling Earth's atoms. We all probably sort our trash to save things like aluminum cans, plastic bottles and newspaper.

In order for the ecosystem to function properly, all parts need an adequate supply of carbon.

This is usually not a problem since nature is efficient at carbon cycling.


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