Cs193p Assignment 3

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Thus, breaking the assignment down into smaller chunks is even more important than it is for a typical class.

Specifically, to be able to finish something, sometimes you need to make placeholders for something else you haven’t done yet.

The editing experience provided instant, visual feedback for how the positions of the start/end/control points impacted the resulting curve.

The final squiggle: If you are working on Assignment 3, programming the editor requires nothing more than the tools already in your toolbox: custom views integrated with gestures.

But I wanted to follow the spirit of the assignment and develop the squiggle entirely on my own.

After all, the reason I was doing this assignment in the first place was to build i OS development muscle.Often, the control point on one side of a point will be a reflection of the control point used on the other side to keep the slope constant.This tip saved me a ton of time by avoiding "wrinkles" at the points where two curves link together.I should mention that there are apps, such as Paint Code, whose entire purpose is taking vector drawings and exporting them as UIBezier Path code to paste into your project.Surely this is what any reasonable person would do in the real world.But now I can't get it into my mind how I would now compare each card from "selected Cards" to each other but not just that -I am also slowly going through that course at the moment and just finished Assignment 4.Initially I found it to be extremely difficult and didn’t know where to begin. I have the deck in place and I also generate 81 unique cards with each card has it's own, shape, shade, number and color.I ended up using five curves to construct the squiggle, but I think elegant solutions could be done with more or even fewer. As you might expect, it's tough to just look at the squiggle and somehow extract the points that compose it.I gave it an honest try, and after a bunch of dumb trial-and-error, managed the following: In the ballpark, but I wanted to do better.Comment and come back later when I'm done with more important things. I have the deck in place and I also generate 81 unique cards with each card has it's own, shape, shade, number and color.I also got the "store the selected cards in an array" task completed.


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