Critical Thinking And Technology

Students need both digital and soft skills to guide them through college, into the workplace and beyond.

High school students are learning how to work independently and use technology to explore new concepts.

We’ve had a year-13 boy who now wants to do mechatronics, and part of our digitech programme we’ve had a year-9 girl, who came up to me yesterday and said how she wanted to be a software engineer, focusing in the security expertise.

And she’d already started researching things like white hat hacking and bank security and things like that.

And just seeing that passion growing in these students, just is really fulfilling and it shows that we’ve been successful, that we’re actually making an impact.

Erena Mikaere-Most, Ngāti Rangi Trust: The potential of digital technology for rural communities across Aotearoa is huge.

A person who cannot think critically, cannot make rational choices. Critical thinking is part of a group of cognitive abilities and personal characteristics called higher order thinking skills (HOTS).

And, those without the ability to make rational choices should not be allowed to run free, for being irresponsible, they could easily be a danger to themselves and to the rest of us” (p. That sentiment is even more applicable in the age of the Internet and world unrest as humans prepare for an unknown future. These skills also include creative thinking (chapter 5) and problem solving (chapter 6).

With classroom technology, we’re teaching students to take charge of their own learning and engage in healthy debate.

Every day my students take mini-quizzes via Google Forms so I can gauge whether they understand the topic I just covered or if I need to modify my instruction.


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