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If the length was an epoch, creation could stretch back over billions of years (Stencil 759).

Next, the Brewer 2 earth’s atmosphere transformed from translucent to transparent; the sun, moon, and stars become visible.

God then created small sea animals and later sea mammals. Afterward, He created land mammals; these were both wild and domesticated. The first two humans God put on the earth were Adam and Eve.

They also feel that supporting the theory of evolution is sacrilegious (“Creationism”). Creationists believe that God can only be known as He wills to be known.

As part of their religion, creationists support the theory of creationism (Morris).

Some creationists believe the universe was created less than 10,000 years ago (Stencil 759).

Creationists feel that evolution goes against the Bible.The first idea is that man was created by God during his creation of the universe. Because both explanations are theories, neither can be proven right or wrong.To make a decision on which theory is correct, people must choose either religion or science.He is also ready to intervene at any time that he feels is necessary. Because creationism means the direct taking of the Bible, creationists take the Bible as a true guide to the history of life.Creationists believe that God put Adam on the earth first. They also believe that there was a world-wide flood after the initial creation.Genesis, the first book of the Bible, contains the information about creation.Genesis 1 describes the physical events of creation.Genesis 2 describes the creation of human and other details.The creation process can be broken down into steps.Because creation occurred long ago, the length of a day is undefined.In the language of Hebrew, a day could have been twelve hours, twenty-four hours, or an epoch.


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