Craft Brewery Business Plan

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In addition, if you seek outside funding, investors and lenders depend on the business plan to determine financial risk. Your business plan explains your microbrewery at this moment in time, and defines its growth plan for the next three to five years.

It lays out your business goals, potential hurdles, and strategies for meeting your goals.

Financial Plan The financial plan is the most heavily scrutinized part of your business plan, but it can be a nightmare for microbreweries, which face the challenges of shrinkage (loss due to theft or breakage), complex legal regulations, and changing customer whims.

In this section, you must outline your individual revenue streams by relative importance and timeline for implementation, and disclose projected sources of outside funding.

Operations Plan The operations plan describes the ways you will meet the goals you set earlier in your business plan.

Everyday short-term processes are all the day to day tasks that your microbrewery performs, from brewing the beer to distributing it, maintaining cleanliness standards, and collecting payment.

Industry Analysis The beer industry is huge, but you only need to focus on your relative market, or the specific segment of the industry into which your microbrewery falls. Name your direct competitors individually, and discuss how your microbrewery differs from theirs.

Group your indirect competitors into a single category and discuss them as a whole.

As a living document, it will grow and evolve along with your microbrewery.

Executive Summary The executive summary introduces your business plan, but is usually written last.


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