Cosi Nowra Essay

She is an abusive and aggressive patient that caries a flick knife with her, and she is over protective of Lewis, however she doesn’t know how to...

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Asylums are the most inefficient places on this earth.” “I had a dream, Jerry…a world that was as far removed from this depressing asylum as possible.” P63 (P64 for childhood reference) DOUG “What have I done now? A nude, a tribal, let’s make love not war, man, rock opera.” P15 “Don’t blame me, blame my mother.” P23 “Do I make you nervous?

I have a problem with my social mores.” “This theatre would have burnt like a real beauty.

” p13 “I can live with illusion as long as I know it’s illusion.” P26 “Comedy is better when it’s real.” P61 “I hate goodbyes.

So when the others come out, tell them I’m waiting outside counting the stars.” LUCY “She’s into politics. She thinks it’s icky…She hates me doing an opera about love and fidelity while thousands of Vietnamese are being killed by American troops.” (Lewis about Lucy)P33 “He’s doing a play that’s relevant and he’s doing something about the war in Vietnam.” (Lucy about Nick) p70 “You’ve always mistaken lust for love.” (Lucy to Lewis) “I have sex with him and sleep with you.” (Lucy to Lewis) p71 “We used to talk about important things.” (Lucy to Lewis).

The play “Cosi” by Louis Nowra is the story of a university student who is set the task of producing a play in a mental institute.

The play uses many dramatic techniques including, but not limited to; the setting of the play, humour, and tension as well as role, to help draw the audience into the world of the play, the world of these ‘mental patients.’ The play also helps to bring forward people’s feelings and attitudes towards the mentally ill and people’s attitudes towards love and cheating, to further draw the audience into the world of the play, and the world of the 1970’s, when people with any kind of mental illness where treated as ‘outcasts’ and were not accepted as socially acceptable.Even though her and Lewis have a thing, she reveals to him that she’s lesbian and she wants to stay faitful to her girlfriend because she ‘needs something stable in her life’.Cheery has also developed certain feelings for Lewis.The more time he spends with these patients, the more he realises they understand something his friends on the outside don’t.Louis Nowra’s comedy Cosi covers the main themes of love and infidelity.It’s amazing how much more bright the world seems.” P62 RUTH “ I’m not going to sing a song that’s not word perfect.You don’t want me to make a fool of myself, do you?In a burnt-out old theatre adjoining the grounds of a mental hospital in 1970s Australia, a motley crew is assembling.Corralled by the manic depressive Roy – in equal parts endearing and insufferable – and encouraged by social worker Justin, the eccentric group of patients is attempting to stage a production of Mozart’s opera, .The characters within the mental asylum are shown to grasp what truly matters, whereas society seems to focus on the Vietnam War.Even though they are mental patients and an asylum is a ‘mad house’ the inmates are ‘normal people who have done extraordinary things’.


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