Comparing And Contrasting Buddhism And Hinduism Essay

Comparing And Contrasting Buddhism And Hinduism Essay-5
However, on closer examination, even these similarities are quite different in practice.1) Reincarnation and Karma Jains and Hindus believe very different ideas about reincarnation and karma.are the religions that were originated in the Indian region.

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To outsiders, Hinduism and Jainism can often look very similar.

The thousands of years Jains and Hindus have lived among each other in India provided ample opportunity for mutual influence.

In Buddhism, it means enlightenment, the teachings of the Buddha.

In Hinduism, the natural laws of the world.(It's been a few years since I've studied this hehe) ur​ shifts, she complains that her new husband​ doesn't like the fact she is an​ EMT, saying that the job is​ "too risky." Which bit of advice could you provide to your partner to help her calm the nerves of her new​ husband?

As far as scholars can ascertain, Hinduism likely began before 2,000 B. Hindus believe in the cycle of creation and destruction in all things and that God is a creator and destroyer with many forms.

Hindu gods are manifestations of this greater God that, in essence, is one with all existence.One of them is the fact that Buddhists believe that anyone can achieve enlightenment, where Hindus have a caste system, in which not everyone can achieve enlightenment.Also, in traditional Buddhism there are no gods, while Hinduism is known for the hundreds of gods they praise.The similarities between Jainism and Hinduism are, on the surface, numerous and likely come from thousands of years of close contact.Both religions believe in reincarnation, the cycle of rebirth into a new life after death in a previous one, and karma. Finally, both believe that a soul can be liberated from the cycle of death and rebirth to live on in a paradise.When Hindus reach paradise, liberated from reincarnation, their soul merges with God who is one with the universe.Jains believe the soul remains intact in paradise, living as an individual in perfection.In fact, extended families can often have both Hindus and Jains as members.Let's take a look at each of them before we highlight their similarities and differences. when civilization arose in the Indus Valley, but adherents claim their faith has always existed.For Hindus, when the soul is liberated from the cycle of death and rebirth, it merges with the essence of God and becomes infinite.At one point, scholars believe Jainism developed out of Buddhism or as a reaction against Hinduism.


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