Compare And Contrast Essay About Beowulf

Compare And Contrast Essay About Beowulf-76
For fifty years, Beowulf has led the country to prosperity.

Beowulf overcomes all obstacles with the help of the courage while the seafarer goes with the stream.

Nevertheless, the thorough comparison of characters of Beowulf with that of the seafarer has shown that this opinion is not entirely correct.

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Chill its chains are; chafing sighs Hew my heart round and hunger begot Mere-weary mood.

(“The Seafarer” 9-12) Thirdly, two characters have different opinions about fate.

Some of them have been caused by the bad weather conditions while others have been connected to the sea dangers.

Nevertheless, the most difficult ones are internal sufferings because of loneliness and solitude.

He is a prisoner of circumstances who does not fight for a better life.

He does not give up his sea voyage despite the fact that it does not bring him any pleasure: Bosque taketh blossom, cometh beauty of berries, Fields to fairness, land fares brisker, All this admonisheth man eager of mood, The heart turns to travel so that he then thinks On flood-ways to be far departing. Secondly, Beowulf and the seafarer have different prominent traits of character.


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