College Application Essay Evaluation

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Therefore, opinions offered about your college essay by your English teacher may totally miss the mark, as your teacher is without the requisite expertise needed.

Essay coaches share something in common with English teachers: they, too, are NOT professional college counselors.

This post is for anyone who has asked themself, "should I apply for FAFSA?

" Don't leave financial aid for college on the table, since billions of federal student aid goes unclaimed, when these grants for college could actually be in your wallet.

When students lack professional college admissions guidance, they often will write essays that they think admissions officers want.

They may envision a professorial old man sporting a bow tie and dowdy sports jacket as their gatekeeper." Well pick a major, any major: Decide what’s most important to you. A revocation of acceptance could leave you high and dry.Dive in and discover the keys to finding scholarships that can help you pay less for college, whether you're looking for scholarships for women, a minority scholarship, weird scholarships, need based financial aid, and much more.Their subjective analysis draws upon many pieces, e.g., your letters of recommendation, your activities and how they’re viewed in the context of “institutional priorities,” your “special status” as an athlete or legacy and so forth.Your essays are very highly valued in this analysis.That fate will not be yours when you work with Ivy Select!Ivy Select’s college admissions counselors possess an expert understanding of the essay writing process. What strategies distinguish exceptional personal statements from ordinary essays? How can I make my essay stand out from other students?We will guide you to write top-notch essays that stand out from your competition. What methods do I use to reveal different aspects of myself in the many short answer questions and essays I’ll be writing?The resources you might consider are simply inadequate.Though a few admissions officers may fit that profile, most AO’s do not belong to that demographic.Attempting to craft an essay to impress your particular vision of an admissions officer is foolhardy.


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