Chocolate War Analysis Essay

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Other popular works by Cormier include is his most well-known, yet all the previously mentioned have won awards.His work is very controversial, often due to vulgarity, profanity, and the fact that the protagonist usually doesnt win.

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However, after that point, it was easy to follow yet action packed and thought provoking.

This novel was the first of many for Robert Cormier.

From the beginning to the end, I kept hoping for the hero to grab a moment of victory, or at least, savor a little justice.

That moment of redemption never came and with no doubt it makes Cormier's novel a more unique and certainly, unpredictable YA story.

On the other hand, Obie, Carter and Goober could do more.

After reading the book, these three left some unresolved conflicts: Obie's emotional dichotomy of admiration/hate against Archie, Carter false sense of control and authority- Archie marionette and Goober motivations for abandoning everything he enjoys.

Jerry Renault, is a freshmen at Trinity, a Catholic high school for boys.

He is a quiet and reserved student, silently coping following the death of his mother.

Jerry’s assignment is to refuse to sell any chocolates for ten days during the school’s fundraiser.

Jerry decides after the ten days to still refuse to sell chocolates, which puts him at heads with the Vigils and sadistic vice principal Brother Leon.


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