California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory Test

California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory Test-31
The total CT scores had a positive correlation with the scores of the PBL performance and its five dimensions significantly.In the majority, students with Strong-CT disposition obtained higher scores in PBL tutorials compared with students with Weak-CT disposition.CT disposition positively correlates to a students’ PBL performance.

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Our work suggested that the open-mindedness of the CT disposition is the primary factor that determines the improvement of the preparation dimensions in the PBL process.

Following the constructivist theory, the ideal learning process suggested that learner should acquire knowledge and skills actively, and the objective of education is to help students to learn how to learn.

Recently, there is a broad consensus that problem-based learning (PBL), a pedagogical approach widely accepted in medical education, has a positive effect on active learning and learning outcomes [1,2,3].

PBL is characterized as problem-triggered, student-centered, and tutor-facilitated to achieve active lifelong learning [1, 4,5,6].

A statement presented by Scriven and Paul in 1987 said, “Critical thinking is the ability to apply higher-order cognitive skills (conceptualization, analysis, evaluation) and the disposition to be deliberate about thinking (being open-minded or intellectually honest) that lead to action that is logical and appropriate” [21].

The consensus regarding critical thinking characterizes it as a self-adjusting process of judging what to believe and what to do in a given context [22].It is generally accepted by the educators that PBL is an active and immersive process in which the students must take significant responsibility for their learning.Students who understand and agree with the PBL concept, who are well aware of and implement the group dynamics, who collaborate closely with team members and who are good at transforming into self-directed learners will garner increased benefits from PBL [7, 9, 11, 18].A parametric bivariate correlation analysis was performed between the students’ CT scores and their PBL average scores.The PBL scores were compared between the strong and weak CT disposition groups using independent t-test.This site stores nothing other than an automatically generated session ID in the cookie; no other information is captured.In general, only the information that you provide, or the choices you make while visiting a web site, can be stored in a cookie.The performance of these two groups was significantly different in the Late-Half but not in the Early-Half PBL tutorials.Furthermore, a significant improvement was observed in the students with strong CT but not weak CT dispositions.Overall, PBL aims to foster the ability of interdisciplinary knowledge application, self-directed learning, critical thinking, communication and collaborative skills, teamwork, information searching and management, and professional values.Thus, PBL has become a modern-day educational strategy, particularly in medical education [6, 9, 10].


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