Business Continuity Plan Research Paper

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Scholars interested in business continuity have introduced approaches that through technologies, planning and changes in social behavior enable smooth IS operations.In this sense, this paper proposes a metamodel and an implementation method that considers BC in the design and implementation of EA.Organizations' Information Systems (IS) are subject to various IS incidents.It may also be used to explain business continuity planning to other staff in an organization. (2010), "Business continuity planning methodology", Disaster Prevention and Management, Vol. The methodology can also be used to model business continuity planning, as a basis for training planning, and as support in different training contexts to achieve individual and organizational learning on business continuity plans and activities. Either lower down the productivity or the whole company have to stop working. Business continuity management is part of information security management and the process of Business continuity management (BCM) can meet these needs.Normally in a big company they can get the most expensive and good solution for their company because Big company have sufficient money to get the best solution but for medium size company they do not have much money. Indeed, Business Continuity refers to the ability of a business to continue its operations even if some sort of failure or disaster occurs.Organizations' efforts for preparing for, mitigating impact of and recovering from incidents, including those caused by IS incidents, are commonly called...more Organizations' Information Systems (IS) are subject to various IS incidents.Increasingly, the importance of social behavior for business continuity has been recognized.In this conceptual article, the relation between social relations and business continuity is theoretically analyzed.


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