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“Whereas a ‘sound’ was really within the midst of this intense engagement with everything: with all the noise that you’ve ever heard, you struggle somehow to make a difference, so to speak, within that noise.

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In person, though, Moten’s way of thinking and speaking feels like an intuitive way of seeing the world.

Moten was born in 1962, and he grew up in Las Vegas, in a thriving black community that took root there after the Great Migration.

The poem unfolds as a chain of references, from free-jazz saxophonist Albert Ayler to Andrew Marvell.

We may not know exactly how we moved from one to the other, but there’s pleasure in getting lost in the dance.

In it, he gathers the sources running through his head and transforms them into something musical, driven by the material of language itself.

Black Essay Family Study

The poem “all topological last friday evening,” collected in Moten’s 2015 book, “The Little Edges,” begins:taken to bridges from lula to lela to lena to eula to ayler to tala to tore upbut untorn and bendlike fenders breathe, felder’s or fielder’s, that family, man, that much more than air and world and time.

I met the poet, critic, and theorist Fred Moten for lunch near Washington Square Park recently, he ordered a hamburger, and asked the waiter to hold the aioli.

When the food arrived, it was clear that his request had not been followed. after a few years at the University of California, Riverside, found an idea.“I think mayonnaise—actually, sorry, this is stupid, this is crazy,” he said.“Not at all,” I said.“I think mayonnaise has a complex kind of relation to the sublime,” he said. It’s something about that intermediary—I don’t know—place, between being solid and being a liquid, that has a weird relation to the sublime, in the sense that the sublimity of it is in the indefinable nature of it.”“It’s liminal also,” I offered.“It’s liminal, and it connects to the body in a certain way.”“You have to shake it up,” I said.

In “Stolen Life,” he writes, “Fugitivity, then, is a desire for and a spirit of escape and transgression of the proper and the proposed.

It’s a desire for the outside, for a playing or being outside, an outlaw edge proper to the now always already improper voice or instrument.” In this spirit, Moten works to connect subjects that our preconceptions may have led us to think had little relation.


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