Benefits Of Good Critical Thinking Skills

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How Critical Thinking training helps in business The management of every company is witness to innumerable errors in decision making that arise due to a lack of critical thinking skills.

Employees take decisions that are made on the basis of hasty generalizations or hasty decisions made on poor diagnosis of the problem.

Managers are called to make decisions and solve problems and devise strategies on an ongoing basis.

While domain knowledge and experience have a great role to play in being successful, knowledge of fallacies and cognitive biases will ensure that they do not make errors in reasoning, and also whet their solutions for eliminating any cognitive biases they may have.

Errors of judgment regularly creep in due to cognitive biases such as 'confirmation and authority biases'.

Sales leaders trained in critical thinking would appreciate Aristotle's triangle of persuasion, and easily apply the relevant modes of convincing required for different sales situations.

Developing, evaluating and presenting arguments are the skills developed while doing a course in Critical thinking.

Combined with the knowledge of writing argumentative essays, and applying critical thinking frameworks, students are well equipped to deal with a variety of analyses and writing tasks.

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