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The document is signed by both the buyer and seller. A deed of assignment must be in writing and should include: Although a deed of assignment transfers ownership in intellectual property, it does not change the registration of the ownership. Transfers of intellectual property must comply with U. Transfers must also comply with antitrust laws, which are set up to prevent one company from completely dominating an industry.

The assignee is responsible for handling all registration requirements. Similarly, the transfer of a copyright is recorded with the U. If intellectual property rights are being transferred overseas, the transfer must comply with Export Administration Regulations and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, which are designed to protect national security and trade.

A licence agreement (also commonly referred to as a licensing agreement) is between a rights owner (known as the licensor) and another (the licensee) who is authorised to obtain and use such rights in exchange for an agreed payment (the fee or royalty).

These agreements are common not only in connection with the licensing of certain technology or IP rights, but also in other circumstances, such as mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, franchising and subsidiaries.

Often, multiple rights involving patents, trade marks, copyrights and technologies are combined into a unitary licence agreement that covers everything.

With respect to intellectual property, such rights are often separated into two different classes: hard intellectual property rights (copyrights, trade marks and patents) and soft IP rights (confidential information, trade secrets and know-how).

A trademark is a particular kind of intellectual property.

To fully realize its value, you need to do more than protect your rights—you need to monitor and use the mark correctly.

Most businesses have intellectual property, or works created by human minds or, in some cases, by computers.

Some examples of intellectual property include architectural drawings, ad campaigns, company or product names, inventions, and source code.


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