Art Compare And Contrast Essay

Have students discuss which style they prefer with a partner.Have partners share with the whole group why they favored one style over the other. Ask students which of the two painters—Winterhalter or Degas—they would choose to paint their portrait.4.2 Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly.

Explain to students that the two works represent two painting styles.

The portrait by Winterhalter represents the Academic tradition of painting that was exhibited at the French Salon, while Degas' painting represents the looser handling of paint favored by the Impressionist painters of the late-19th century.

(The portrait of Princess Leonilla is smooth, and the lines are crisp and defined, while The Convalescent by Degas has a rougher and more scraped surface.

It is also fuzzy, less crisp, and less defined than the portrait of Leonilla.) 5.

Each letter needs to clearly describe the following: • the setting of the portrait • what the student wants to wear • how the student will stand or sit • what gestures the student might make • why the student chose that artist • how does the artist's style fit with what the student wants in his or her portrait • how the student's body language will communicate something about him or her • any props that might tell a viewer more about him or her 7.

The formal commission letter should contain at least two paragraphs, along with an imagined address and proper salutations. Once students have finished their writing, have them share their letters with the class.

Students will be able to: • examine and write a descriptive paragraph from the perspective of a person in a painting.

• compare and contrast a similar subject painted in two different styles.

Begin by displaying images of the two paintings: Portrait of Leonilla, Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn by Franz Xaver Winterhalter and The Convalescent by Edgar Degas.

Have students choose one of the two portraits and write a paragraph of dialogue in the voice of the person in the painting.


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