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Finally, what really puzzles me, is how athletes get upset when athletes say that millions of dollars won't be able to support him and his family, and that they need more. He is on a six-year million contract, with million guaranteed.

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In fact, each basket Kobe Bryant scores earns him equivalent to the average classroom teacher’s yearly salary.

However, some may argue that while teacher’s only provide service to a single classroom, superstar athletes are entertaining fans all around the world, enticing people with a feeling of relaxation and excitement.

People should not be playing on a team that pays a lot of money, but they should be doing it for the love of the game.

Sports players think sports writers and public fans shouldn’t know how much they are getting paid each game, or how good they play. They’re the ones who give out the most money to help pay those athletes what they really shouldn’t be earning. From all the studies and information, it’s about the fans and how much merchandise they buy of that team or athlete.

I think it is ridiculous how much they are getting paid, even if they are good at the sport.

I personally think a brain surgeon should be making thousands more for saving a life other then an athlete just to hit a ball or score a basket.In any other job, if you don't perform to your expectations, you're fired. The whole system that allows professional athletes to just swim around in money is simply ridiculous, and it needs to stop.When asking people whether they think athletes are paid way too much money, most agree with me. While I do understand that making it into the pros is not an easy thing to do, and that it takes a tremendous number of hours of hard work and dedication every day to earn a job in professional sports, these people do nothing more than entertain the general public.Moreover, in my mind, if these athletes want to continue to be rewarded with the fame and fortune that is unfairly bestowed upon them, they must prove to the world that they are going to be positive role models for future athletes, and those who admire them.In today's society, one should be paid according to the job’s economic importance and their value to society.Teaching is one of the most economically important occupations because our future economy relies on the education of its youth, yet teachers are paid astronomically less than the average professional athlete is. According to Charles Ray, athletes are making a lot more then they should be.Some players are making more then a brain surgeon would, yet the athletes don’t have to go through the pressure of saving lives.A lot of players hire a manager to manage all of their income, this is because most players or athletes don’t appreciate how tough it is to make a real dollar.Contracts for enormous amounts of money can also make an impact on how much the player should be making.


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