Architectural Thesis On Old Age Home

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If you have any information on any probable site preferably a proposed one, it'll be really helpful.

Recently I have been working on proposals for my thesis on"Orphanage cum old age home".

The air quality ,and health issues are another reasons which makes rural settings preferable.....

The site i am proposing will be on the outskirts of the city ,so they would not really miss the city life..........

The facility has two large hexagonal dormitories for men and women with attached toilets separated by a common dining hall.

Architectural Thesis On Old Age Home

Attached to the dining hall are the kitchen, utility and stores.I wrote a similar thesis and did a project on the same for my sixth and final year thesis at the University, but my context was urban.You proposal to provide such a facility in a rural setting only serves to fragment society along age-group lines hence more institutionalization in the society.In the villages, they still are surviving well with the concept of joint family.Young villagers fully realize their social responsibility and unlike cities, their neighborhood is really strong. I�m sure you must have done enough research towards this. I think you got me wrong, This village is looking at the following target populations- -old parents who have children working abroad with on one to look after them,but have financial assistance from their children and who visit them only a few times a year.The villages nearby will have a symbiotic relation with these communities while they will provide the manpower required to serve here,they would get employment and other social benefits from the senior citizens like education..Apart from this I was thinking of putting an orphanage in the complex....again for mutual benefits. It is good to think in such terms about the elderly people, but as Architects we have a role to rebuild and strengthen societal fabric.I am doing my thesis on retirement village, as an optional housing community for the aged with community,medical facilities.I would also look at hte following aspects- -Relevance of these communities in the Indian context -these communities as a stimulus for the neighbouring villages for employment and other social activities.- NRI population who have saved enough to come back to their homeland to retire in peace.-City senior citizens looking for a clean-green environment to retire a little away from the chaos of the city..


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