Apollo 13 Leadership Essay

And he was able to stay cool and collected as he did so.But while Kranz was a pilot himself and trained as an engineer, neither he nor any other single man could be expected to have all the abilities and knowledge necessary to make these decisions in isolation.

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Kranz is thinking clearly, and his voice does not betray any fear or sense of panic that he might be feeling.

Being this kind of anchor in the storm gives those around you the confidence to stay level-headed too.

Today we no longer try for new and bold space achievements; instead, we celebrate the anniversaries of the past.

The stagnation of the space program over the past decade has done nothing to ameliorate these feelings. And I think everybody up there (from the Apollo-era NASA contingent) will express pretty much the same thing.

Kranz had faith in them to do their jobs, voice their concerns, and give their honest assessments of the situation at hand. His leadership united the team and filled them with a sense of intense drive and great purpose.

They all knew that under his watch, failure was not an option.Additionally, Kranz’s flattop haircut was a staple of his appearance.Whether consciously or not, Kranz’s cultivation of a unique image served to make him one of the most recognizable men in the space program.Always be in control of yourself and remain in the moment.After attaining some great accomplishment, some men are content to rest on their laurels and live out their days basking in the residual glow of that success.Two Teams There were two teams; the team on Apollo 13 itself and the team on the ground supporting them. However, the 1995 film starring Tom Hanks told the story in compelling detail and the teamwork shone through, making it very popular in a team building context (as well as a great film).A Successful Failure Apollo 13 was supposed to circle the moon, sending a lander down to explore the surface before returning to earth, but an explosion forced the crew to abandon their mission.Kranz was only 31 years old when he became NASA’s Flight Director.And the average age of the men of Mission Control at the time of Apollo 11 was only 26.Here we’re now 40 years after our first lunar landing, and the next lunar landing is nowhere in sight.” A leader is man who is always anxious to look to the future, not to the past.While Kranz has much to teach us about leadership, determination, and substance of character, he was also no slouch when it came to style.


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