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Smaller works were in a great variety of materials, many of them precious, with a very large production of terracotta figurines.

The territories of ancient Greece, except for Sicily and southern Italy, contained abundant supplies of fine marble, with Pentelic and Parian marble the most highly prized, along with that from modern Prilep in North Macedonia, and various sources in modern Turkey.

The statue, originally single but by the Hellenistic period often in groups was the dominant form, though reliefs, often so "high" that they were almost free-standing, were also important.

By the classical period, roughly the 5th and 4th centuries, monumental sculpture was composed almost entirely of marble or bronze; with cast bronze becoming the favoured medium for major works by the early 5th century; many pieces of sculpture known only in marble copies made for the Roman market were originally made in bronze.

Seeing their gods as having human form, there was little distinction between the sacred and the secular in art—the human body was both secular and sacred.

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A male nude of Apollo or Heracles had only slight differences in treatment to one of that year's Olympic boxing champion.Ancient Greek sculpture is the sculpture of ancient Greece.Modern scholarship identifies three major stages in monumental sculpture.Chryselephantine sculptures, used for temple cult images and luxury works, used gold, most often in leaf form and ivory for all or parts (faces and hands) of the figure, and probably gems and other materials, but were much less common, and only fragments have survived.Many statues were given jewellery, as can be seen from the holes for attaching it, and held weapons or other objects in different materials.The figure is that of a standing man with a pseudo-daedalic form, underneath which lies the inscription "Μαντικλος μ' ανεθε̅κε ϝεκαβολο̅ι αργυροτοχσο̅ι τας δε-κατας· τυ δε Φοιβε διδοι χαριϝετταν αμοιϝ[αν]", written in hexameter.The Latinized script reads, "Mantiklos m’ anetheke wekaboloi argyrotokhsoi tas (d)de-katas; tu de Phoibe didoi xariwettan amoiw[an]", and is translated roughly as "Mantiklos offered me as a tithe to Apollo of the silver bow; do you, Phoibos [Apollo], give some pleasing favour in return".He analyzed the pigments of the original paint to discover their composition.Brinkmann made several painted replicas of Greek statues that went on tour around the world.The inscription is a declaration of the statuette to Apollo, followed by a request for favors in return.Apart from the novelty of recording its own purpose, this sculpture adapts the formulae of oriental bronzes, as seen in the shorter more triangular face and slightly advancing left leg.


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