Analysis Essay For Frankenstein

Analysis Essay For Frankenstein-74
Frankenstein, driven by his passion and unable to accept his own limitations, learned that this passion for knowledge harms his judgment, and the excess of his action leads to shocking consequences.The creature, driven by unhappiness, believed that knowledge would be the answer to his pain but only found that it increased his unhappiness and sadness.

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He was passing this helpful knowledge onto Walton, hoping that Walton would learn from his mistake or it would help Walton to understand the power of using knowledge unreasonably.

Surely, Walton was able to learn from Frankenstein‘s advice and thus prevent his crew from enduring cruel death by turning back and leaving his ambition behind.

“Knowledge consists in recognizing the difference between good and bad decisions”.

(Knowledge Intellectual understanding) This statement seems to be one of the simple answers to the question of ‘what is knowledge?

With all of the knowledge he had gained about nature and mysteries of the natural world as a child and through his readings and lessons Frankenstein’s obsession of unnatural science continued and grew stronger.

Analysis Essay For Frankenstein

At that moment Victor Frankenstein understood what his destiny of how to be a scientist and to create something that the world has never seen before.

It also explained that the risks of search for knowledge of Robert were too dangerous to ignore and costly to human life.

As the leader of a group, he will be responsible for the lives of other men; if he were make a ruthless decision in his pursuit of glory and knowledge, he would endanger those men.

” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) I realized this word is very straightforward, but has many useful and different meanings to all of us.

It is also powerful tool to determine and control the result of our judgment.


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