American Studies Dissertation S

American Studies Dissertation S-58
Charles, Afro-American Studies PDF The Physical Uplift of the Race: The Emergence of the African American Physical Culture Movement, 1900-1930, J.

They also take a sequence of three interdisciplinary American Studies courses, culminating in the Fall of the Senior year with a seminar in which they write a thesis and present it publicly.

The Senior Seminar has a different theme each year, though students are not required to shape their theses to fit that theme.

The thesis is one of the most rigorous and interesting parts of the American Studies curriculum; it helps students to bring their undergraduate coursework into focus and to produce substantial, research-driven projects.

The thesis might take a traditional written form (i.e., a 60-80 page research paper), or students may produce non-traditional theses, such as documentary films, websites, or work in other genres, non-traditional theses are assessed with the same degree of rigor as written theses.

Webster, Afro-American Studies PDF Imaging Her Selves: Black Women Artists, Resistance, Image and Representation, 1938-1956, Heather Zahra Caldwell, Afro-American Studies PDF "The Imagination and Construction of the Black Criminal in American Literature, 1741-1910", Emahunn Campbell, Afro-American Studies PDF Creating the Ideal Mexican: 20th and 21st Century Racial and National Identity Discourses in Oaxaca, Savannah N.

Carroll, Afro-American Studies PDF The (Dis)Ability of Color; or, That Middle World: Toward A New Understanding of 19th and 20th Century Passing Narratives, Julia S.It guides students in selecting appropriate research techniques, negotiating disciplinary norms, drafting, and refining their work.Students emerge with well-rounded competencies as researchers and writers.: Gender and Sexuality In Cosmopolitan, Gabriella Wilkins Writing Diabetes: How Public and Private Conceptions of Body Shape the Self-Narratives of the Chronically Ill, Liz Bowen PDF Neighborhood Blogging: How Localized Websites are Redefining Community, Maryanne Engelbrecht PDF Peter the Nurse and Teresa the Politician: Exploring Gender Norms and Discrimination in the Workplace, Alex Filippo PDF Beauty and the Barbie Doll: When Life Imitates Plastic, Alexandra Gaudio PDF Feminizing Presidents: Joseph Keppler and Gender in Gilded Age Political Cartoons, Jerome Gonzalez PDF Download This: Artist Development and Interconnectivity in the Internet Age, Geoffrey Johnson PDF So You Think You Know Dance?American Studies majors complete a thesis during their senior year.The American Studies Program at Fordham University is a small and selective interdisciplinary honors major.To gain insight into the multiplicity of cultures, ideas and institutions that make up the nation, students take courses in departments and programs such as African and African American studies, American Catholic Studies, Art History and Music, English, History, Latin American and Latino Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Urban Studies, and Sociology.The schedules of recent presentation events, linked below, reflect the quality and diversity of thesis topics.American Studies theses are archived in Georgetown’s Institutional Repository at Digital Georgetown, you can find them here.The American Studies Association compiles an annual bibliography of completed doctoral dissertations in American studies and American ethnic studies.PDF THE PRIVILEGE OF BLACKNESS: BLACK EMPOWERMENT AND THE FIGHT FOR LIBERATION IN ATTALA COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI 1865-1915, Evan Ashford, Afro-American Studies PDF "The Whole Nation Will Move": Grassroots Organizing in Harlem and the Advent of the Long, Hot Summers, Peter Blackmer, Afro-American Studies PDF (Re)defining Radicalism: The Rise of Black Feminism and the Politics of Respectability, 1831-1895, Nneka D.


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