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It was the era of continuous failures on the way to a bright future and these continuous failures in the 17th century started to be constant colonies.

The major difficulty of the people belonging to the Colonial Era was that they had different social and racial backgrounds, which created obstacles for finding the points of contiguity.

This unit covers content from the 1920's and 1930's.

Specific curricular resources include close reading activities on the temperance movement, Harlem Renaissance, statistics from the Great Depression, and the Dust Bowl.

Additionally, there is a primary source deep dive on writings by John Steinbeck, a graphic organizer on the New Deal, and a DBQ ...

This Common Core-aligned unit is not tied to specific content in the curriculum so it may be presented at any time during the year.

This unit covers content from the Spanish American War through World War 1.

Specific curricular resources include close reading activities on the Spanish American War, the Roosevelt Corollary, and Schenck v. Additionally, there is a graphic organizer that supports students in examining the causes and effects of US participation in W...

This unit covers content from the end of the French and Indian War (1763), to the end of George Washington's presidency (1800).

Specific curricular resources include close reading activities on the intolerable acts, Articles of Confederation, and George Washington's farewell address.


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