African American Literature Thesis Statement

African American Literature Thesis Statement-13
But in the real sense women, men, and children were kidnapped and forced into ships where most of them died due to hunger and sickness as they were shipped off to America to be slaves.

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To the contrary, publishers in Boston, all of who were whites, refused to publish her text forcing her to publish her work in London (Gates, p. This goes to show just how much the white Americans were rigid and did not want to accept the fact that the black Americans were just as good as them in whatever field.

The poem can be said to be a reflection of Wheatley’s personal experiences.

(Wheatley, 12; Lauter, 575) Literature is a discipline that has been used for centuries as a way of expressing people’s feelings as well as an avenue for passing across messages about important issues.

Artists use their pieces of writing to communicate to the general public and bring about change concerning various issues that affect the society.

They dwelled on Christianity because it was a form of solace that gave them hope.

The excerpt goes on to say that many people, especially Christians, view the black man as being sinful hence uses this to scorn them.

The above passage is a poem by Phillis Wheatley that talks about a slave shipped from her native land to another continent.

The poet implies that the subject’s homeland practiced paganism and the exposure to a new setting made her aware of Christianity.

This poem reflects on the woes of the black people who were brought into America from their motherland, Africa, to work as slaves.

The phrases “mercy brought me” and “on being brought” are ironic in that they imply that Africans moved to America on their own free will, which was never the case (Wheatley, 12).


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