A Jury Of Her Peers Analysis Essay

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I have grown very fond of this short story and it has greatly inspired me on a lot of levels. The women’s intelligence in finding the evidence and hiding it from the men as well as the men’s incapability to find even a single clue that could prove Mrs.

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Reaction Paper on the Short Story “A Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell Susan Glaspell was an eminent American novelist, playwright, actor and director of the twentieth century.

This is a reaction paper based on one of her most noted works ‘A Jury of Her Peers,’ which was “written in 1917” (Techniques of Critical Analysis, p.1). Wright’s “lonesome” house in the “lonesome-looking place” surrounded by “lonesome-looking trees” (Glaspell p.2) The author, through the use of repetition wants to give the readers an idea about how much of a lonesome life Mrs. The theme of the story reflects the situation of the women during that time, the way they were suppressed and were always considered inferior to men.

A Jury of Her Peers A Jury of Her Peers and Trifles by Susan Glaspell are very similar stories.

The stories are about the marginalization of women in society.

Although, the short story brings more of the readers’ imagination to work, whereas the play is pretty black and white, I still like seeing the film better than reading it.

was written first and performed in 1916 by Glaspell' s theater troupe, the Provincetown Players, the play was not published until three years after the short story appeared in the March 5, 1917 edition of magazine.Like Minnie Wright, the main character of Glaspell' s story, Mrs. Hossack throughout the trial despite having initially testified against her.Critics believe that Glaspell based the character of Mrs. Because women were not allowed to be jurors at the trial, Glaspell created a Jury of those female peers in her short story.Hale raises “But would the women know a clue if they did come upon it?” (Glaspell p.5) Men think women lack judgment and logical thinking and discard whatever thoughts or independent feelings they have about something. Hale is very straightforward and tells what she feels, whereas Mrs.It is very ironic that the men are sarcastic towards the women during the whole play while the women solved the case in a matter of minutes.Overall, these stories were very interesting and very well put together even though they were in two different genres.His skull was crushed by an ax while he and his wife were asleep in bed.His wife, Margaret, was tried for the crime and eventually released due to inconclusive evidence. Among them was the sheriff's wife, who showed much sympathy to Mrs.The roles of women as workers were downgraded a lot, never taking into account just how hard the work is doing all of the household chores every day, and preparing and planning for the future.In the stories, they are treated like they do not mean anything in the workforce and are only there to serve the world and the men in it. However, one piece is a play and one is a short story.


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