7 Steps To Problem Solving

7 Steps To Problem Solving-2
This helps you identify the urgency of the problem, and there are generally three stages.

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As you practice this process and develop the skills, these steps will become more natural to you until the point that you are using them without noticing!

Whilst processes are generally there to protect us from issues (i.e.

Then, look at every one of those solutions carefully and decide what you believe to be the best solution to this problem at this time.

Step 6: Implement the Solution Implementing the solution you decide on can include creating an implementation plan.

This question helps you find the standard against which we’re going to measure where we are now.

If things were going the way we want them to go, what does that look like?

The most important question of all, when describing your problem: Is your premise correct? We’ve all heard – or read – the story of the engineer’s take on the old “half empty, half full” question. Also, ask the most important question: Can we solve this problem for good so it will never occur again?

A speaker holds up the glass of water and asks if the glass is half empty or half full, a discussion within the group ensues, and you generally expect some sort of lesson in optimism, etc. In this version, an engineer is in the room and answers, “I see this glass of water as being twice the size it needs to be.” You see, sometimes when you are the one in charge of the problem, you tend to set the premise of the problem from your own perspective. How did this variance from the standard come to be? Because an important aspect to leadership is coming up with solutions that people can use for a long-term benefit, rather than having to deal with the same problems over and over and over.

The third stage is the crisis stage, when the problem is so serious it must be corrected immediately.

At this stage, real damage has been done to company processes, reputation, finances, etc.


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