3 Thesis Data Gathering

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Prevention is the most cost-effective activity to ensure the integrity of data collection.

This proactive measure is best demonstrated by the standardization of protocol developed in a comprehensive and detailed procedures manual for data collection.

The draft should be succinct, clear, and comprehensive.

Once you have completed the narrative, you can compare it to the outline to make sure everything is addressed.

However, before you do that, you may want to take some time to have an accountability partner review your work.

This should be a person who can be a sounding board and who can provide basic feedback on your work.

Describe the purpose of your study, the research questions, and the data you will need to access to address your research questions.

Let them review your outline and double check to ensure that all necessary data collection steps are presented.

Make sure you have an instrument to measure each variable and you have included each of these instruments in your outline.

Once you have developed an outline that includes all of the necessary instruments, you can move on to writing a full detailed draft of your data collection procedures.


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