1920 Decade Essay

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World War 1 was a time filled with trauma, despair, and hardships.

Women had limited freedoms such as being able to vote, being confined at home, and having less than half of the rights men were able to have.

The 1920’s were an exciting and maybe even a little frightening time to be young (Carlisle 31).

The new negro movement was truly in vogue and was just as part of the 1920's as anything else. The school teacher was convicted guilty, but paid hardly any sentence.

During the twenties between both events; women changing fashion and social norms for future generation, and the Flappers were normally single middle-class woman who flamboyantly flouted their new independents (Swartz, Dennis K."Flappers’’. Their Long hair was all of a sudden cut to a boyish bobbed style.

Previously before Flappers came around women barley wore makeup.The Flapper dresses showed off their arms and chest. Flappers also rose their pantyhose to be able to show off their knee.Instead of females being housewives they started to go out dancing with friends.Some evened starting doing the same activities men did.Some of the activity’s included consuming alcohol (even though it was banned), and they evened smoked.The dresses worn by the young girls were alarming because of their lifted skirts which showed no sign of modest limitation (Wukovits 142).The sleeves and neck lines were being reduced even more and some even had daring bare back dresses. Garrett April 3, 2009 1920's American History Essay The 1920's was a decade of reform in almost every aspect of society.Even white people would flock to the negro cabarets just for the sheer amusement of watching negroes dance, and play the newly created form of music known as jazz (Doc. These new beliefs caused controversy and brought America to a new level of freedom, and a different take of the first amendment. Time flew by and as the war ended in 1918, the 1920’s decade of change soon approached.The year was famously known as “The Jazz Age” and “The Roaring 20’s” because of the newly found freedom, social and political changes, and the time of prohibition.


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